Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm Anti-Bus.

So today, I was scheduled to see the Jack Kerouac exhibit on display at the New York Public Library (Arts and Humanities) building; therefore, I opted to take the bus, and walk from Port Authority to 5th Ave. By now I don't ever expect to get in before 9 when taking the bus, even when I leave before 7:30. As per usual a bus broke down in the tunnel and we were waiting in the bus lane for well over a half hour. Now, I was not upset about this little delay as the tour did not start till 10 a.m. I had given myself plenty of time. WHAT DID piss me off is that while we were waiting in the bus lane, a special announcement came over the loudspeaker:

Announcement: "Attention all operators, attention all operators, starting February 4th until February 10th, college students and post-secondary students will ride free with proof of ID."
Me: "Motherfu..."

I was so mad! Not only did I have to sit in annoyingly long traffic, next to a girl who wouldn't stop talking to her boyfriend, and a woman who was on her cell phone for the majority of the ride, but I could have sat through all of that FOR FREE!

Now my father keeps telling me that train riders can use their train pass to get on a NJ transit bus. The operators should honor them, but I'm so afraid to whip it out and then have the bus operator say "this is a bus not a train!" I try to avoid chances of embarrassment.

So anyways yes, if you plan on coming into the city during this week and you still have your school IDs, then you can ride for free. ::shakes fist in air::

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