Monday, January 28, 2008

Do you have anymore gum?

I made a huge mistake today. I made eye contact with a man at the west 4th street station. I tried turning away, but he came up to me and asked: "Do you have anymore gum?" At first I didn't hear what he said, because I was listening to my iPod. But then he slowly repeated his question again as if I couldn't understand English.


"No." I tried turning away, but then he said something I couldn't understand and then ended the whole conversation with "...that's why."

Wait, was he trying to give me a reason why I wasn't giving him gum? Here's a reason, I don't give gum out to strangers. And that's such a weird thing to ask for. I've had strangers ask for money, the time, ciggs, but gum? Gum costs 50 cents. And I'm not trying to be cheap or anything. My mama always told me not to look through my bag in front of strangers.

Well, the lesson I learned here is--"stop chewing gum like a cow." And now I have the Billy Madison song stuck in my head.


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Dwyer said...

Yikes! That's ridiculous. It annoys me when people ask me questions when I'm listening to music too. Don't they see the earbuds coming out of my ears?! lol.