Saturday, January 19, 2008

Traveling Lesson #1

Today was the first time that I transferred at the Secaucus Junction and I learned a very valuable lesson. If you happen to be going to the Secaucus Junction terminal from New York Penn Station or any other train line, and the train conductor has not passed you to collect your ticket, TAKE THE TICKET WITH YOU. I've been to SJ and I got on a Long Branch Train at Penn Station, which happened to be packed. As we were nearing Secaucus, I was wondering what to do with my ticket. The conductor was still in another car.

I thought "maybe I should leave it and he'll collect it when he comes by."

But then the college student mind came in: "Whatever, free ride!"

What I have now learned is that you need that ticket to get into the Secaucus station, or else (I'm assuming) your stuck. Or you possibly have to buy another ticket to get into the station. I'm not too sure. The ticket works like a little metro card, so you have to pass it through the slot and the gate will open for you. Thank GOD, I kept that ticket.

Surprisingly, the Secaucus train station is super nice! And in the center room where you transfer to the Spring Valley Line, or whatever line you need, they have these old-school type of time tables, and when the time changes they flap really quickly. If I ever happen to be at that station again, hopefully I will have my camera and I can post something on You Tube! Yeaaaaa...I'm a nerd. But, that's what happens when you're always waiting for train, bus, people: the smallest things excite you.


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