Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whatever makes the ride fly...

So today I was noticing that most commuters choose to be doing something while on the train, bus, whatever. So I decided to make a poll, which you will find in the right hand side of the blog. What is it that floats your boat?

*Reading material.
*Listening to your MP3 (or even watching a movie on your player).
*Disturbing others by talking on your cell phone.
*Playing a hand-held game.
*And the traditional "Other."

Now, I'm sure the people who know me are assuming that my favorite past-time on the train is reading, but actually I feel like I prefer listening to my nano . I think its because I'm surrounded by books all day. And when I read for pleasure, I prefer to be stretched out on my couch, with my arms holding the book that I'm reading in the air. I have no idea why I read like this, but to me its quite relaxing. Today, I actually tried to read on the train, but I couldn't focus because these other passengers were talking about how cheap and easy it is to get a prostitute in Vegas now a days. And those passengers were old, so it was not a pleasant thing to listen to.



Dwyer said...

I chose sleeping, but that would be for when I'm on the bus. On the train I like to listen to my mp3 player. :)

Seana said...


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