Thursday, January 31, 2008


I love when I remind other people to do things, but then I totally forget! So as you can imagine I didn't bring my transit checks to work...booo. So now I have to try and remember to buy my ticket tonight when I get off the train. Last month, I waited to buy a ticket in the morning, and there was this guy taking his sweet time at the vending machine. I usually try not to show my impatience, but this guy was definately testing me. He would slowly circle his finger in the air and then punch a button. Then he slowly took his card out of his wallet. And right as he finished, the bells of the train started ringing. I was so pissed, but luckily I still didn't throw my train pass out from the previous month. Most train conductors, and I think bus operators, will give you a grace ride in, but if you don't buy it for the return ride--then your out of luck.

The first time this happened to me I was already sitting on the train going home, when it dawned on me that it wasn't October anymore and I hadn't bought a new pass. Now if you buy your ticket on the train they will charge you an extra five dollars. So I got out the eleven bucks, and when the conductor came up to me I admitted to forgetting to buy a new pass and he just informed me to get it on Monday. This is another reason why you should always be nice and polite to anyone providing you with a service!


So note to self--buy ticket tonight and bring transit checks to work tomorrow!

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Dwyer said...

That was definitely a lucky break for you that the conductor let you buy the ticket later on. Too bad that doesn't happen all the time! It definitely tries my patience as well when people take an hour and a day to buy tickets. They must know that most people are in a hurry!