Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Quickie...

My sister is probably hoping that I am about to recommend The Quickie by James Patterson, but I'm not.

If you're looking for a quick and light read for your commute, may I recommend The End of the Alphabet by C.S. Richardson. And when I say light, the book is only 119 pages. So, I guess its considered more of a novella. This is an "unlikely" story about Ambrose Zephyr and his wife Zappora Ashknazi (whom for "obvious reasons" kept her maiden name and likes to be called by her nickname "Zipper"). Ambrose finds out from his doctor that, Ambrose, has only a month left to live. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, Ambrose decides to visit different countries, cities, places, etc. in alphabetical order. Pretty impossible. And as the story starts out "unlikely."
I started off thinking, "this is ridiculous." Yet, I found myself cheering Ambrose on, and trying to guess at where he would go. This is a one-way read. It's pretty fast and decent.

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