Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yikes! My Bad...

Today I accidentally bumped my crotch into some poor man's hand, which he pulled away instantly. Now maybe you're thinking I'm easy or desperate, but I was just being stubborn. Now, I might have complained about this in an earlier post, but I hate when tall people refuse to use the high bars on the subway or Path trains. I'm only 5'2!

So the 33rd train heading into the city was packed, and I had found a perfect spot to hold on to. This man comes in and he starts to push me a little to move in, but I wasn't going anywhere. I leaned in a bit so he could move around me to use the "swinging handle" things that some of the Path cars have. He wouldn't move around he just kept leaning on me. So finally I moved myself forward just a tad bit more, when I suddenly felt something by my inner thigh and caught a quick flash of a hand moving away. Kind of an awkward moment.

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